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The Mercury team have written quite a few papers about the Mercury programming language, its implementation techniques, design, theoretical basis and other topics. In addition, we have written several papers on related topics. Almost all are available here as PostScript files, compressed using gzip, or as PDF.

Below the papers, the notes from a number of presentations given on Mercury, at a variety of levels, are also available.


Papers on Mercury

Related papers


Papers on Mercury

Related Papers

This paper covers a case study where Mercury was used as an implementation language.

This paper gives an introduction to automatic termination analysis. It surveys termination analysis of logic programs and provides an overview of the important concepts involved in automatic termination analysis.

This paper outlines the features that we believe to be important in a modern logic programming language:

The mode system and the uniqueness system of Mercury are based on the following papers:

The following paper describes the method used to express database transactions and updates that is used in the Mercury ODBC database interface.

The same kind of approach was also once used in the Mercury interface to the Aditi deductive database system, although both of these no longer exist.

The following paper was also relevant to the Aditi interface mentioned above. It describes a source-to-source transformation that was once implemented in the Mercury compiler.

Presentations on Mercury

All these papers and presentations are for A4 paper. Unfortunately, we cannot generate US paper size versions.