Development/ contributing

Mercury Libraries and Programs

If you've written some code using Mercury we'd love to find out about it. If you think it might be in any way useful to other people, you might be interested in making your code available for download. That way others can learn from it, use it and improve on it.

We are happy to place it on the Mercury web and ftp sites for you. Fame and fortune will surely follow.

If you would like to contribute a library or program written using Mercury for others to download and use, here's how you can do it.

Modifications to the Mercury System

If you've modified something in the Mercury system and would like it to become part of the main distribution, we'd be very interested in your work.

The developers mailing list is intended for discussing proposed changes to the Mercury system. If you would like to contribute reasonably frequently it might be a good idea to subscribe, or at least browse the archives of this list, simply to get an idea of the kinds of standards required for integrating code into the main distribution.

Rather than listing many authors in the header of each source file it is better to refer to all the authors as a group. Therefore in the header of each source file the copyright is assigned to "The Mercury Team" (since 2013), and list the authors individually on the authors page.

Note that if you contribute to Mercury as part of your occupation your employer may own the copyright on your work. In these cases you should talk with your employer about contributing to Mercury. We list organisations that have contributed to Mercury on the authors page.