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7.10.10 Miscellaneous commands

source [-i] filename [args]

Executes the commands in the file named filename. Optionally a list of at most nine arguments can be given. Occurrences of the strings "$1" to "$9" in the sourced file will be replaced by the corresponding arguments given in the source command before the commands in the sourced file are executed.

Lines that start with a hash (#) character are ignored. Hash characters can be used to place comments in your mdb scripts.

The option ‘-i’ or ‘--ignore-errors’ tells ‘mdb’ not to complain if the named file does not exist or is not readable.

save filename

Saves the persistent state of the debugger (aliases, print level, scroll controls, set of breakpoints, browser parameters, set of objects trusted by the declarative debugger, etc) to the specified file. The state is saved in the form of mdb commands, so that sourcing the file will recreate the saved state. Note that this command does not save transient state, such as the current event. There is also a small part of the persistent state (breakpoints established with a ‘break here’ command) that cannot be saved.

quit [-y]

Quits the debugger and aborts the execution of the program. If the option ‘-y’ is not present, asks for confirmation first. Any answer starting with ‘y’, or end-of-file, is considered confirmation.

End-of-file on the debugger’s input is considered a quit command.