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9.1 Invocation overview

mmc is invoked as

mmc [options] arguments

Arguments can be either module names or file names. Arguments ending in ‘.m’ are assumed to be file names, while other arguments are assumed to be module names, with ‘.’ (rather than ‘__’) as module qualifier. If you specify a module name such as ‘’, the compiler will look for the source in files, bar.baz.m, and baz.m, in that order.

Options are either short (single-letter) options preceded by a single ‘-’, or long options preceded by ‘--’. Options are case-sensitive. We call options that do not take arguments flags. Single-letter flags may be grouped with a single ‘-’, e.g. ‘-vVc’. Single-letter flags may be negated by appending another trailing ‘-’, e.g. ‘-v-’. Long flags may be negated by preceding them with ‘no-’, e.g. ‘--no-verbose’.