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9.8.6 Developer compilation model options

Of the options listed below, the ‘--num-tag-bits’ option may be useful for cross-compilation, but apart from that these options are all experimental and are intended for use by developers of the Mercury implementation rather than by ordinary Mercury programmers.

--num-ptag-bits n
--num-tag-bits n

(This option is not intended for general use.)
Use n primary tag bits. The default number of primary tag bits to use is determined by the auto-configuration script; the only valid reason for overriding this default is cross-compilation to an architecture where auto-configuration would yield a different value.


(This option is not intended for general use.)
Don’t output base_type_layout structures or references to them. This option will generate smaller executables, but will not allow the use of code that uses the layout information (e.g. ‘functor’, ‘arg’). Using such code will result in undefined behaviour at runtime. The C code also needs to be compiled with ‘-DNO_TYPE_LAYOUT’.