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9.14 Miscellaneous options


Print a usage message.


Read then compile a newline terminated module name or file name from the standard input. Repeat this until EOF is reached. (This allows a program or user to interactively compile several modules without the overhead of process creation for each one.)

--typecheck-ambiguity-warn-limit n

Set the number of type assignments required to generate a warning about highly ambiguous overloading to n.

--typecheck-ambiguity-error-limit n

Set the number of type assignments required to generate an error excessively ambiguous overloading to n. If this limit is reached, the typechecker will not process the predicate or function any further.


Don’t try to generate more parallelism than the machine can handle, which may be specified at runtime or detected automatically. (see the ‘-P’ option in the MERCURY_OPTIONS environment variable.)

--distance-granularity distance_value

Control the granularity of parallel execution using the specified distance value.


Introduce parallel conjunctions where it could be worthwhile (implicit parallelism) using deep profiling feedback information generated by mdprof_create_feedback. The profiling feedback file can be specified using the ‘--feedback-file’ option.

--feedback-file file

Use the specified profiling feedback file which may currently only be processed for automatic parallelism.