Current Release

Mercury 11.07.2 was released on August 3, 2012.


Supported Platforms

The latest release is known to work on the following platforms:

It should be pretty easy to port to any sufficiently Unix-like system.

What do I need?

Source Distribution

The main "mercury-compiler" source distribution is about 25 Mb. This includes the compiler, standard library, debugger, profilers, and other tools.

There is also a "mercury-extras" distribution which contains a number of useful additional libraries. This is distributed separately, mainly for copyright reasons (some of the additional libraries do not meet the Debian Free Software Guidelines). We recommend that everyone who downloads the "compiler" distribution should also download the "extras" distribution.

Finally there is also a "mercury-tests" distribution which contains our test suite. This may be useful if you are modifying the compiler, or porting it to a new system.

Compiler (25 Mb)
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Extras (750 kb)
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Tests (1 Mb)
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Binary Distributions

There are no binary distributions for 11.07.2 currently available.