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9.8.2 Target options

--target c (grades: none, reg, jump, fast, asm_jump, asm_fast, hl, hlc)
--il, --target il (grades: il)
--csharp, --target csharp (grades: csharp)
--java, --target java (grades: java)
--erlang, --target erlang (grades: erlang)

Specify the target language used for compilation: C, IL, C#, Java or Erlang. C means ANSI/ISO C, optionally with GNU C extensions (see below). IL means the Intermediate Language of the .NET Common Language Runtime. (IL is sometimes also known as "CIL" or "MSIL".) Targets other than C and Erlang imply ‘--high-level-code’.


An abbreviation for ‘--target c --target-code-only’. Generate C code in module.c, but do not invoke the C compiler to generate object code.


An abbreviation for ‘--target csharp --target-code-only’. Generate C# code in module.cs, but do not invoke the C# compiler to produce CIL bytecode.


An abbreviation for ‘--target java --target-code-only’. Generate Java code in, but do not invoke the Java compiler to produce Java bytecode.


An abbreviation for ‘--target erlang --target-code-only’. Generate Erlang code in module.erl, but do not invoke the Erlang compiler to produce Erlang bytecode.