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The Java code from ‘pragma foreign_proc’ declarations for Java will be placed in the bodies of static member functions of an automatically-generated Java class. ‘pragma foreign_code’ can be used to define additional members of this automatically-generated class, which can then be referenced by ‘pragma foreign_proc’ declarations for Java from that module.

For example:

:- pragma foreign_code("Java", "
	static int counter = 0;

:- impure pred incr_counter is det.
:- pragma foreign_proc("Java", incr_counter,
	[will_not_call_mercury], "counter++;").

:- semipure func get_counter = int.
:- pragma foreign_proc("Java",
	get_counter = (Result::out),
	[will_not_call_mercury, promise_semipure],
	"Result = counter;").