Release 0.3 - Known Problems

The following is collected email of reported problems with release 0.3 of the Mercury distribution. Included, where possible, are patches.

The `asm_jump.gc' grade doesn't seem to work on Linux, or at least not on all Linux systems. The work-around is to use the less efficient but more portable `none.gc' mode.

Add the line `GRADE=none.gc' to the (empty) file `Mmake.params'
before installing.  After installation, replace the line




	in the installed scripts `mc', `ml', `mgnuc', and `mmake'
	in /usr/local/bin.

The command `mmake .check' doesn't work. We changed the command-line interface to `mc', and forgot to update the `Mmake.rules' file accordingly. To fix this, apply this patch.

The file `calculator.m' in the samples directory doesn't compile. This will be fixed in the next release.